Life Lesson #0039: Written Wisdom

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 1.23.08 PM

Turns out, I actually asked for these “life lessons.”

Writing down the randomness I’ve learned from my personal experiences has actually been quite beneficial for me.

This is one of my many little corners of the Internet to which I’ve laid claim, and I enjoy it. Sure, it’s not particularly unique, groundbreaking stuff… but because it’s a conglomeration of my little ditties, it really is helpful to reread where I have been. Kind of like vacation slides of my life experience. (Only interesting to me?)

Many of us have to relearn the same lessons quite often because we have our flaws and strengths that tend to steer us in the same off-kilter direction time and again. However, having some written little bit of advice that I read every once in a while can help me ameliorate a problem before it lasts far too long, or even catch it before it’s a problem at all.

So… thanks me!!!

For the rest of you, maybe write down the lessons life is teaching you. Might be helpful. I dunno. Just figuring shit out as I go?!



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