Life Lesson #0038: Risk


I haven’t written in a while, and I thought I ought to get my latest little quippy idea for being happy down on ones and zeros.  …Risk. (No, not the board game…)

Taking risks is necessary if you want your life to advance, right? If you never take risks you can lead a very stagnant, repetitious life. Simple and repetitive may work for some people, but I start feeling empty without change. I’d rather consistently move toward positive changes that I would like to see in my life and that I can actively bring about.

Since the beginning of 2017, I’ve been trying to take a risk every day. No, I’m not behaving dangerously, throwing caution to the wind, and (with the exception of a trip to Vegas, I suppose) I don’t mean gambling.

I just mean that each day I notice when some idea or task seems beyond my comfort zone, and (though it was tough at first) I force myself to see it as a risk… and I do it. I try the new thing, I ask the guy out, or I apply for the promotion. Whatever it may be.

I actually realize now that I’m thinking about it that in just the two months I’ve been doing it, it has already become habit. And I can attest that it is a very rewarding habit.

I’ve met many new people, I’ve learned more about myself, I’ve had new experiences, I’ve progressed my career, I’ve made plans for other things that I never could have imagined me being comfortable with… but they aren’t uncomfortable to me now because… risk. It’s my habit, and it’s great.  I recommend taking that risk that makes you a little uneasy… it’s amazing how worth it a chance taken can be.



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