Life Lesson #0037: Dating Math

(NOTE: I wrote this a while ago, and while I don’t really think dating has to be all this difficult (I’m currently dating) it was fun to write at least… so I’m publishing it now.)
This is the one where I crunch some realistic dating numbers… or… alternatively, how I frequently determine that I’m going to remain alone. (Yes, being alone is actually an ok thing… I do pretty great on my own, but I seem to keep wanting to make attempts at dating… so let’s assume I will continue to want a boyfriend.) (Yes, I know some movie did this kind of thing, but I did it in my brain long before that movie did it… so… yeah… this is specific to me… so there. I’m cool. #Original)
Salt Lake County has a little over a million people. The obvious initial limits are gender (I’m pretty exclusively attracted to men) and age (I’m pretty unlikely to date anyone more than 20 years older than me or under the age of 21.) So that million gets quickly reduced to 219,554 people.
Next… there’s that whole… guys who are into other guys thing…
Using a local estimate for percentage of people identifying as gay, my dating pool drops way down to 10,319 people.
I am interested in monogamy, so with a very rough estimate of gays who are already in relationships, I think that takes my pool down to 6,501 people.
Then there’s the factor that is rather hard to quantify, but incredibly conspicuous in the dating world… attraction.
I probably am attracted to about 25% of guys I see on Tinder, etc… and I would guess that about 5% of those I’m attracted to are attracted to me as well. So… that brings us down to a whopping 81 people that would be up for dating me.
Then there’s all the other things such as timing… 60 people
Mutual interests… 30 people
Cooperating world views and ethics… 20 people
I’m A LOT for some people to handle… 10 people
A “spark”… 4 people?
Oh… and then there’s the fun of… what if we’re distantly related?
Have they already dated me?
Have they already dated a close friend?
Are they an insane person?
1 person?
Kinda feels like a generous estimate at this point… right?

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