Life Lesson #0035: Self

In far too many ways we let others derail our ability to express our self.

I am often trapped by trying to be something that I perceive is required, desired, or even lightly implied to be sought by others.

It is crisply refreshing when I wake up to this entrapment and realize… I’m Jeff.

I get to be me.

I have a strongly empathetic personality, and so even those who know me best likely don’t know just how often I am course-correcting my actions and words just to appease them in some way or to avoid hurting them.

This can be an excellent quality, but it often mildly to greatly impacts my ability to be happy. It’s pretty damn stupid when it greatly impacts my happiness.

So, I like to remind me to just be Jeff at others’ expense sometimes.

It is so much more rewarding to do my own thing—without seeking to offend other people’s pursuits—than to fret over all the trivial social minutia that does not matter in the least. Whatever social rewards I seem to think I might earn by constantly fretting are often more easily won by just focusing on me being me.

So, I’ma do that.




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