Life Lesson #0033: Reactions

DeathtoStock_Creative Community10

Sometimes I get frustrated with other people.

Why don’t they get me?

Why don’t they understand how awesome I am?

Why do I get the feeling they think I am a joke?

Why don’t I understand their reactions to me?


I can’t ever know what y’all are actually thinking, or why you’re thinking as you are.

I can, however, really think about what my actions, words, and unspoken expressions may convey to others.

I recently had an experience where I thought someone just kinda hated me for no good reason. I was getting very upset to the point that I started telling others that I couldn’t fathom what this other person had against me. It wasn’t until I actually thought back through all of my interactions with this person that clarity struck.

I got it.

I had been weird.

Admittedly, I had been very weird toward them.

If I were in their shoes, I think I would have reacted very similarly.

Suddenly… I get them. I get why they don’t “get me.” Why they may not think I’m awesome. Why they might think I’m a joke. Why they react to me the way they do.

It was an impressively enlightening experience for having spawned from such subtle human interactions.

Don’t get any of us or why we’re acting shady?

Look at yourself.

It might help.


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