Life Lesson #0024: My 10th To 12th Years


This one is quite simple, too: pursue your passions or you’ll add to your regret stockpile.

I regret not utilizing my youth to pursue things I was interested in, but was too afraid or too shy or too inexperienced to dare try.

Late in elementary school, I took two different chances to pursue, to a very minor extent, the dramatic arts. I doubt I possess any real natural talent for acting, but I really enjoyed it. The first chance I had to act happened when I participated in Odyssey of the Mind. This was a sort of team competition in which a few other fifth graders and I wrote, directed, and played in a 7 or 8 minute skit of sorts. It lead to us getting to travel to Washington, D.C. for a national competition. It was very fun and is one of my favorite memories from this time of my life.

For my second chance I have my mother and her teacher friend to thank. In the sixth grade we participated in (to put it bluntly) dumbed down Shakespeare plays. I was in the simplified Twelfth Night.

The great thing about that chance was that I had gone for it. I had given it my all.  I remember feeling like only one of a handful of students in the class that took the auditions seriously.

My rendition of Sir Toby Belch probably consisted merely of a few fun moments of overacting.

Unfortunately, these fun experiences did not lead me to taking a chance on acting or drama at any time afterward. One of my biggest regrets from my high school years is not participating in drama.

Oh well, but now I can pontificate about it all to a tiny audience!







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