Life Lesson #0022: My 1st To 3rd Years


I need others.

I need you guys.

I mostly need my parents.

I need my family.

I need my friends.

I need my co-workers.

I need people.

The reasons are ample.

During my first 3 years of life… I needed help existing, and then constant help with continuing to exist.

Thanks George and Shar!

I needed help learning to breathe, eat, and drink. (You’d think that was all easy… but I managed to make it more difficult for my parents what with that hole in the roof of my mouth! Read: I need doctors, too.) I needed help learning to talk, walk, and go to the restroom. I needed to learn the ropes of life before I could even begin to understand a metaphor such as that one.

I know my mortality requires some and/or all of you.

I need you for empathy. I need you for validation. (Please, tell me how much you love my blog and my beautiful written work!) I need you for conversation. I need you for diversion. I need you for so very many things.

I think, though, that the most important lesson I learned about this need is that I need people to learn how to supply my life with more love. Be that love exchanged between others that I observe, love shown to me, or love shown by me. I can have a great deal of admiration, confidence, and respect for myself… but love is most powerful when others are involved. Love is certainly a synchronous companion to happiness. (I tend to care about happiness… in case you haven’t noticed.)

I’m admittedly a love simpleton. I cannot say I’m anything akin to a love connoisseur, guru, or scholar. I just know that it has proven the most worthwhile pursuit and institution upon which I can put my focus.

Thanks everyone.

I need you all, and I absolutely want to love everyone, even though I struggle.

I want to be there when you need me. Please excuse me as I try to improve in that regard.

Toddlerhood… thanks for humbling me.



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