Life Lesson #0020: Vulnerability

Photo on 1-12-16 at 7.13 PM #2

I’m not vulnerable enough in my writing.

It’s the truth.

I’ve written one blog in my life where I was extremely open and honest, but I wrote it while hidden behind a pseudonym.

This Life Lessons blog, while sometimes mildly entertaining, is not my favorite. It unfortunately sometimes resembles generalized cliche bullshit.

I don’t mean for it or want it to be that way. I honestly just want to communicate happiness–my pursuit of it, my experiences that have carried it into my life, and what I think could potentially squelch it. However, I think I dilute myself down so much in this blog, that it turns out to be a few sentences of well-meaning fluff that don’t in and of themselves convey the passion for happiness with which I wish I could write. Early I was very passionate about finding confidence in myself. That’s great, and it really works to boost happiness, but I’ve said the same general things over and over again and am boring myself.

I love writing, but I haven’t been able to fully engage myself in writing this blog. The writing process for these posts, if I put much effort in, has usually involved over-analysis. About my diction, about what reactions may be, and about how no one cares. It’s stiff and robotic.

I hereby pledge to get real.

I’m cutting the BS. …kinda. At least I’ll try!

I’m about to turn 30, and in those 30 years I’ve learned some varied lessons. What I hope will follow is a series of accounts from every three year period I’ve lived, and what each had to teach me about happiness, sadness, life and me. Wish me luck. This may not work very well, but I’ma give it a shot!


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