Life Lesson #0017: Hinderances


Simple fact: the fewer obstacles you place before your happiness, the easier it will be to be happy.

I have often found myself guilty of saying, “Oh, it will be so great when…,” “It would be so great if…,” or “I will be happy once I…”.

These kinds of statements are hinderances to happiness.

We will always have event X, Y, or Z that would make all the difference in our lives.  The thing I’ve learned is that once you’ve dealt with X, Y, and Z… they will be replaced in turn with dilemmas A, B, and C.

My point is that there will ALWAYS be hinderances to happiness of these kinds. So my strategy is to give those hinderances less power.

It starts with, “I could be happier if I dealt with X,” “I am actively working on dealing with X,” or “X is an inconvenience, but I’m choosing to be happy anyway.”

Obviously there are levels of severity for these hinderances, but the principles for dealing with them with regard to happiness seem to hold true. Whether it’s a beef with a co-worker or a serious personal health crisis. As I’ve said before, you can learn to be content with what you cannot change, and work positively on the things that you can change.

Still works.


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