Life Lesson #0016: Lemons, Lack & Loss


Yeah… I was feeling kind of like I was having a new thought, but I realized I was essentially about to write about life’s lemons. Ya know… make lemonade?

I was more thinking about framing the idea within the concept of loss though.

Sometimes we lose.

Be it loved ones, things, beliefs, our minds, our keys… loss or perhaps just a lack of something is not a final disposition in the court of life. It really isn’t the last word.

Loss inherently creates new things.  Unfortunately, it most often creates emotions that we consider to be bad things. But it also creates new perspectives, new depths of human empathy, and new experiences.

Taking the situation of loss and finding a way to build something from it probably creates some of the strongest examples of human achievement we ever see. There were astronauts who lost their lives before human kind landed on the moon. How many billions of minutes and hours of leisure time have been lost to furthering humanity via medicine, technology, and science? How many millions of people have lost their lives just so others could go on to have the freedom to vote, speak their minds, or even exist?

Loss can be tragic… but it can also cause us to create some of our very best work.

Anyway, I’m not really sure this one is a complete thought, but the following video had something to do with where I was going:

The point? Don’t let loss or a lack of something you desire be finality. Build from it, and you may find some of the most worthwhile building you’ve ever done is underway.



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