Life Lesson #0012: Workers

20120216-brick making

I feel like I agree with the idea some much smarter person already came up with–that there are two kinds of workers in this world: those who work to live, and those who live to work.

I find myself in the category of working to live, and one of my bosses is one of the clearest examples of living to work I’ve ever encountered. I think we struggle to relate with one another and even communicate well because of this difference.

I think we would all do well to remember that some people fall on the opposite side of that coin from ourselves. We can clear up so much confusion and maybe even drama by identifying those we live and work with that are on the opposite side of that coin. Once we know they’re on the “other side,” we can start looking at things from their perspective, as well as our own.

Solvin’ all the work problems.


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