Life Lesson #0006: Ownership


There is no good reason not to just take ownership of your faults–and your dreams.

A policeman recently respected me for taking ownership of the fact that I was speeding. In that situation, ownership of my lead foot helped.

Likewise, I’m learning that I am happier when I admit that I am plagued by a wishy-washy nature that insists the grass is always greener elsewhere (all while dosing myself frequently with realism and perspective.) There are dreams I have that I don’t really let myself pursue. I use these doses of “reality” to never permit any growth or fostering of my dreams and goals. That’s a good way to live a boring, unfruitful life. Yeah, I might seem flaky and like I flit from one aspiration to another. But what’s worse? Someone who has lots of crazy ambitions that they pursue–thereby living an exciting and varied life, or someone who has constant dreams that they squelch with “perspective.”

I have desires.
I have goals.
I have dreams.
I’ll be happier as I learn to own up to them just as I own up to my faults.


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